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My Mother, My Hero Essay Example For Students

My Mother, My Hero Essay My mother, Luana, was a very compassionate and beautiful person. She was nurturing and attentive to me and my three younger sisters. When I was 12 years old, a friend of mine from school committed suicide and my mother was there with me to comfort me and make me feel better. Having been exposed to something so tragic at a young age, Im glad my mother was there to explain things to me. She cared about people so much that she spent a lot of her time volunteering at a nursing home. My grandmother became really sick and my mother made my grandmother move in with us so she could take care of her. My grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a very hard disease to deal with especially when its a close relative. My mother was patient and compassionate with my grandmother, never losing her patience with her. She instilled this quality in me. My mother was eager to learn new things. I can remember her going to college to become a nurse while raising three daughters, working two jobs, one as a waitress and the other a go-go dancer to help pay the bills and her college. She did all this by herself as a single mom. She became sick at the age of 30 with a heart condition, but this didnt stop her from continuing college and becoming a nurse. She was very talented also. She learned to sew and was an awesome cook. She made most of mine and my two sisters clothes, once again because she was a single struggling mother. I remember her trying to teach me to Hula dance; needless to say I never mastered it. Although I did master some of the recipes she taught me, such as lasagna and Indian fry bread. Three years have gone by; my mother was at the time 33 years old working in a hospital, taking care of myself and now another sister is added to our group. She now had 4 daughters. On July 20, 1980 my mother wasnt feeling very well so she lay down for a couple hours. My aunt had come over to visit so we all went out for lunch. My mother had a heart attack and she passed away in the car on our way home after having lunch. My mother was an inspiration to me and my motivator to be successful. I have pretty much followed in her footsteps. I was a single mother of four children working two jobs to care for my family. I am now married and all my children are grown and gone on to make their families. I also had a heart attack and was without oxygen for 45 minutes with brain damage and was in a coma for two weeks. Doctors told my family that I would never recover. I woke up from my coma and had to learn to walk and talk all over again. I have overcome all that they said I wouldnt be able to do. My mother instilled in me to be a fighter and not give up on my dreams. So here I am in college to become a nurse just as my mother was. In conclusion, my mother had many qualities that motivate me such as being compassionate, eager to learn new things, beautiful, talented and nurturing. My mother has been gone for 34 years now and still to this day she is my motivation and my hero. I miss and love her very much.

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Life Span Perspective Paper free essay sample

In the following document an explanation of the life span perspective of development will ensue. Summarization of two theories of life span development will be expounded. The writer will explicate how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences in development. Explain the Life Span Perspective of Development The life span perspective of development seeks to study development over the course of existence. Understanding the changes that occur throughout life from subtle to explosive is the purpose of this viewpoint. In order to value and comprehend the life span perspective the five characteristics of development are presented: multidirectional (changes occur in all directions but always in a straight line), multicontextual (Life is embedded with many context including family, history, and economic conditions), multicultural (Cultural differences have an affect even intercontinental), multidisciplinary (Scientific disciplines including but not limited to psychology, biology, and education), and plastic (Any trait in any individual can be altered at any point in development). We will write a custom essay sample on Life Span Perspective Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Within this structure the dynamic nature of life can be studied valued and recorded for present and future relevance. How and why we change as we grow and progress through life further defines development (Berger, 2008, p. 22). Summarize Two Theories of Life Span Development. Two major theories of life span development are Dynamic Systems theory and Sociocultural theory. Dynamic systems theory is an examination of individual development as forever altering; existence is the artifact of constant interface between the bodily and expressive being and amid the personality and all facets of his or her surroundings, together with the relatives and society. Instability is continuous, and each variant influence all the others (Berger, 2008, p. 5). Dynamic systems theory captures the connection of a person with their environment and the continuous possibilities for change during the interaction. Sociocultural theory is emergent theory that indicates development results from the dynamic interface amid each person and the surrounding social and cultural affects (Berger, 2008 p. 46). Sociocultural is not a complete theory but does provide a path to increased comprehension of development. Explain How Heredity and the Environment Interact to Produce Individual Differences in Development. Heredity as defined by Encyclopedia Britannica is the sum of all biological processes by which particular characteristics are transmitted from parents to their offspring (http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/262934/heredity). Heredity takes the genes from the pool provided by the ancestral line of each parent and forms traits that will decide the characteristics of the offspring. The environment describes the location, surrounding elements, influences, and conditions. The description of environment must be expanded to include ecology and social and cultural forces (http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/environment). The two synergize or are interdependent over the life span of the individual, shaping, forming and affecting life experiences. Heredity forms a base of reference and the environment provides a dynamic life-scape of interactive development. Every person that is met in passing can alter the life path. For example; the middle school math teacher that indicated a person can do anything. One specific ecological event can alter the course as well. As an example; the rain storm that resulted in a person’s first view of a rainbow. The affect can be minimal, volatile or have no consequence at all. The outcome of these events or exposures are dependent (in no small part) on the heredity filter in which they are experienced through. That is the dynamic nature of the individual differences in development. Conclusion In this document an explanation of the life span perspective of development has been given. Summarization of two theories of life span development has taken place. The writer has explicated how heredity and the environment interact to produce individual differences in development.

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Ku Klux Klan essays

Ku Klux Klan essays The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is one of North Americas oldest and most feared groups. Driven by the dream of a world with only one master race, the KKK often uses violence and moves above the law to promote their cause. Supporting white supremacy and violent were not the original goals of this organization. Sometimes when groups grown too quickly their actually purpose can be forgotten. The KKK was actually started by six teenagers back in 1865. When the original group was made it had nothing to do with hatred towards blacks. They used linens and pillowcases because they could not afford to buy costumes. They would go to peoples house in the night and play practical jokes on them. Even though it was not there intention to strike fear into people they had the ability to do so. After the civil war when the black slaves where freed the group took a turn for the worse. They started riding their horses covered in white linens through black people rallies and scaring them. Word quickly spread across the South about these masked men. Many people loved the idea and wanted to be involved. The Klan quickly grew. A leader was soon needed to control the large group. Their choice was a man named Nathan Bedford Forrest. He was quickly accepted as the "Grand Wizard". He had absolute power over the Klan members. They trusted him and where eager to do what he said. Many of the men were in need of a sense of belonging. The KKK gave them this. The Klan really began to take control in the year of 1868. They vowed to rid the south of blacks and any person who supported them. They stole the oppositions goods, beat them and even killed them. These murders were known as lynching. They would drag the person to the center of the town and hang them in front of everyone. This method was very effective; people feared it would happen to them if they had anything to do with the blacks. In the end, the KKK is a problem that will not go away ...

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey Essay

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey - Essay Example Unlike the former ethics, character ethics guarantees long term success that is able to withstand further pressure from the world. Essentially, this chapter presents that life-long success begins by first working on the â€Å"inside† part of self which include one’s paradigms, character and motives. The inside-out approach submits that private victories come before public victories, and that making and accomplishing promises to oneself precedes making and accomplishing promises to others. Also, the chapter asserts that perception of the world is based on how one conditions themselves to see it. In order to illustrate this, Covey uses a popular optical illusion that can be interpreted as either a beautiful young lady or an old and ugly woman. Using the case of Harvard Business School where half of the participants were set to see the young lady and the other half were set to see the old woman, Covey insists that people act basing on how they see the world rather than how the world actually is. This illustration simply adds weight to inside out approach to life where change begins by changing oneself rather than the world or